Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is what happened when I asked for my band to be resized...

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My boyfriend proposed to me on Valentine's day and gave me the loveliest ring. It's a 200 year old Georgian rose cut diamond cluster ring from a store in the USA, which we chose together on our last trip to the states. Due to the way the diamonds are set and its age, when having it resized it was very important that the jeweler take care not to allow any moisture inside the setting.

I researched jewelers in Brisbane who could cater for this and was advised of a jeweler to use. On the 15th I dropped it into the store and explicitly told them that the ring could not under any circumstances get wet. I simply wanted the band to be resized from a size 6 (US) to a H 1/5 (Aus).

They asked me what metal the ring was, I told them it was a 14k gold shank and had silver foil underneath the diamonds which couldn't get wet. I also explained that it was an 200 year old antique Georgian ring from San Francisco, that had foil backed rose cut diamonds. I asked to give them a printed sheet of extra information about the ring, which they said they didn't need as they knew what they were doing and that I could pick it up on the 21st.

I didn't call into the shop until the 23rd, as I had been sick. They said they were about to call me as they ring was not ready yet. During the ring resizing they noticed that the diamond had turned black, so they soaked the entire ring to try to remove this. Even though I had told them the foil behind the settings could not get wet.

They then said that they almost refused to finish the ring, but went ahead anyway and pulled the middle diamond out, without ever consulting me. They were also confused as to why there were gaps between the diamonds. I had told them the ring was originally a button. They then told me that the middle diamond would need to be reset with claws. I told them I did not want this, but was assured the ring would look exactly the same and that the claws would be completely invisible. I was never ever told that there was a problem with the surrounding diamonds and setting.

On the 24th I returned to pick up the ring and noticed that the diamond was quite raised they dismissed me and said it looks identical. Upon showing it to my fiance, he was disgusted and we decided to return the next day.

Yesterday we returned to the store to discuss this with them. They denied knowing that the diamonds couldn't get wet and denied that they had filled in between the diamonds with a material. Even though she had previously questioned why there were gaps. They told us to leave the store and that the ring is exactly the same as before. Clearly it is not. There are now disgusting silver claws around my diamond, gunk surrounding the outside diamonds, some of which are now partially covered and some of the filigree on the button has been completely eroded.

After receiving some fantastic advice from the lovely Vogue girls we are going to pursue every avenue to have this situation rectified. If we can have the ring repaired, we will seek compensation for the damage. However I fail to see how 200 year old filigree can be restored onto a button.

I know that in the scheme of things, I am so lucky to have a lovely fiance. I am just disgusted with the lack of respect the store has shown to me and my partner as well as a very delicate and irreplaceable ring.

note: I want to point out that this ring was not damaged by the jeweler we purchased it from. I adored their service and store and can only wish we had the ring resized there.
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