Monday, May 10, 2010

Startup Monday: Whiteboards and retro phones...

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Today I realised that the official birthday of Wikifashion is fast approaching! On July 12th, a few days short of my 24th birthday, my burgeoning site will celebrate being one years old.

Throughout these ten months, I have basically breathed Wikifashion. It has consumed my thoughts, I dream about it and spend my days typing furiously away at Miss Mac. All the while pursuing marketing, organising our lovely interns, creating content and helping new visitors navigate their way.

Some days I find it hard to keep going, when traffic takes a dive or someone gives up with the sometimes difficult syntax. It is always easy to do this, but the one thing I remember is that people who fail are the ones who give up too early. I have never been one to give up, I keep on plugging away and trust that my hard work will eventually pay off.

It's the little things each day that keep me going, here are my little mood lifters...

♥Purchasing a new whiteboard with crazy crayola markers. I mentioned in an earlier post that I am mad for making lists. This board should help me do just that...
♥Every few hours I like to give myself a break and browse net a porter. I like to plan pretend outfits for pretend events. Maybe this is a little weird, but I like to think of it as window shopping.
♥I like to browse tripadvisor and look at photos from 5 star hotels. The very first goal I had when I started Lola and Wikifashion was being able to go back to Tokyo in December 2011 and stay at the Tokyo Park Hyatt Hotel and sip cocktails at the New York Bar every night. This sounds so frivolous, but I am a big big fan of Lost in Translation. Anyone who has seen this movie will understand.
♥Finding a gorgeous retro phone on ebay (look above)... she's a lovely meringue colour. I think she and Miss Mac would get along swimmingly! What do you think, should she join my little office?

I'd love to know what little things you do to encourage or motivate yourselves throughout your careers....


  1. hay dear,thank you for the sweet comment :)
    btw check out my new post
    feel free to visit,follow and link me .

  2. aw how cute! happy birthday lola! that phone is absolutely gorgeous, I'm sure she'd be quite at home in the office :)

    ah I have heard so much about the park hyatt but never actually seen lost in translation but I think now I have to - everyone raves about it! It's on my list :)

    I guess I've sort of only just begun my career so at the moment I don't need much motivating because it's all so new and exciting... but basically the end of the day motivates me - sleep! haha. It's a strange cycle. And when I was looking for a job I just tried to relax... I'm huge on organising and lists (like you!) and so I think that really helped me stay motivated, because disorganisation only equals bad things! haha.


  3. you are an incredible lady m'dear

  4. i found the most perfect retro phone and its pink - my fave colour xxxxxxx

  5. Thanks brooke! You should definitely hire out Lost in Translation :)

    Thanks daisychain, you are lovely and very incredible yourself!

    Pink! Oh my I would love a pink phone kirsty :)

  6. congrats!
    i love how whimsical this post was, especially the part about sipping cocktails in the tokyo park hyatt. i stayed there one christmas several years ago, but of course i couldn't have those cocktails :)

  7. Great blog <3
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  8. oh wow! the retro phone is sooo RAD! i need one too. ;)

    ps: thanks for featuring me and my cat dress at wikifashion babe!


  9. I too want a bakerlight phone... a design classic

    Loving the blog... I will be back for more

    Yours truly


  10. Love the Lost in Translation reference. :)
    I have a little white board of my own, though its only helpful when I actually take the time to glance in its direction, which isn't often, unfortunately.
    The phone is too cute! I'm almost tempted to get one myself now! :)

  11. wikifashion was a lovely idea! :)


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