Wednesday, October 06, 2010

No se si exista algo mas gay que "wikifashion"...

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"No se si exista algo mas gay que "wikifashion" para algunas personas supongo que es productivo, siempre y cuando sepan que buscan"

That's what a lovely soul wrote about Wikifashion on twitter. According to google it roughly translates to-

"do not know if there is anything more gay than "wikifashion" for some people I guess that is productive as long as they know that seeking.."

Why yes I am very happy and if economics taught me anything, it's that everything has a value if someone demands/wants it. This was something I struggled with, leaving my job as an econometrician to pursue my site. Yes, being an economist probably adds more value to society but Wikifashion has more value to me. At what point do you do want you want to do, even if people think it is vapid and unproductive? What is the opportunity cost for your happiness?

Sorry if this sounds whiney, it's my first criticism of wiki and at first I laughed and found it funny. But then my old feelings of doubt and embarrassment niggled back..

On a more positive note, I've kept up a regular exercise routine for the last six weeks. I've almost finished the couch to five k program and have been doing pilates four times a week. This is amazing for someone who regularly forged notes to get out of sport at school.

How is everyone else going? Ready for short short season?


  1. love your blog and your texts really inspirt me a lot

  2. i'm so jealous i wish i could keep up a good exercise routine! and i really need to preemptively lose some kgs before i go to the US otherwise i'll get humungous :P
    and don't let the haters get you down! you're doing what you love and what makes you happy and that's what matters :)
    x amie

  3. i think... ignore the haters. if you love what you're doing and other people find value, then that's enough.

    really love those marshmallows, too. god they look good.

  4. Ugh, some people just love nothing more than to bring others down. I doubt the person that criticised wikifashion is doing much with their own lives. I think that you went out on a limb and risked a fair bit starting wikifashion, and that should be applauded. So keep up the great work!

    Congrats on the couch to 5k. I've only just got back into an exercise routine after being sick for the past couple of months, and boy does it feel good. I only get to do pilates once a week though - I wish my gym would offer more classes!

    And not quite ready for the short shorts yet (I'm loving my 3/4 and maxi skirts too much! haha)

  5. With success there will always be criticism. Don't let it get you down. Just remember how fabulous you are ;) and if it was written in Spanish, then that means you've really made it, right?! You have gone global!
    hehe xo

  6. Please do NOT doubt yourself hun! Wikifashion is such a truly amazing project and I am a massive fan. Love those weeny marshmallows btw, tres cute xx

  7. wow. keep up the good work, and keep in mind how miserable, lonely and negative a person must be to waste their own time spreading hate on the internet. seriously. you're better than that! keep it up! WE LOVE WIKIFASHION!



  8. There are always going to be people giving negative/rude comments that may knock you down, but they're probably just jealous. Same concept as bullying back at school, right? :)

    As long as you're working on something that you love and are doing fine, I say bravo. Don't bother comparing it with supposedly more traditional pursuits like economics / accounting etc. In this world, there's so much out there that you can do in life so why not have fun doing it?That's the way I see it and tell myself too!


  9. Thanks for your offer of help re: WikiFashion. Tried to use your contact link and it wouldn't let me. I need help and it seems like you might be the person with all the knowledge I need, email me!


  10. thank you for visiting! dw about that little comment, you have done wonders and ever since my feature so many people have been asking about Wikifashion!

    keep it up, a lot of bloggers out there frequent the site, so dont let that get you down. I finally went to the gym today after so long! it felt so good haha

    come drop by for a visit again soon,

    x Your Only Blackswan


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