Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wikifashion USA/Canada road trip + meetups

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According to the count down in my diary, I'm leaving on my trip in 11 days! That means I need to hop to it with our Wikifashion meetups. We'll be traveling 13,000 kms across Canada and around the USA in a little under a month.

I've decided we'll be having meetups in:
  • New York (most likely on the 12th April at Spot Dessert Bar 6:00pm
  • San Francisco
  • Portland
  • Austin
Here's our travel map if you want more details ... or if you want us to organise another meetup!

I'll be writing most of the details here and also on the Wikifashion tumblr. Let me know if you'd like to come, we'll be giving out free Wikifashion bags and a few other goodies. Love to see you there

Join our meetup group for all of our details + RSVP. Once I'm on the road this will be much easier for me to organize and make restaurant bookings...



    Have SO much fun!!

    Can't wait to see your photos honey.

  2. depending on the size of the meetup, if its small i think either milkbar in brooklyn ( or podunk teahouse in the east village ( would be lovely. if its a bit larger, maybe cafeteria in the west village or city bakery for brunch or since it will most probably be warmer weather, we could go to central park and get some munchables from the cafes inside and then sit on the rock! :)

    x amie

  3. oh and definitely have a meet up in san fran NOT LA
    san fran is so much prettier

  4. Thanks Amie! Those places are so cute, and def having our meetup in SF :)

  5. this is fantastic, Lola! i'm going to RSVP right now for the vancouver date (April 2nd). is there anything else we need to know atm?
    Rosa T.

  6. Wow, this is so exciting!! I wish I could come, I'll be in the USA in August.
    Heidi xo

  7. Yay so glad you can come Rosa! Feel free to bring any friends that you like :)

  8. hihi,
    thanks for your help.

    I was a little bit confused at the beginning :) but now everything works fine

    thanks again


  9. Hi Lola!! aww I just want to say, i am SOO excited you're coming here to the SF BAY AREA!! and of course I'd loove to meet-up with you!! there are so many bloggers in the area (most of them are listed under my sidebar on my blog) that you can also contact if you'd like ;). but i'll also let my fellow berkeley bloggers know Wikifashion is coming to the area! let me know when you will come and i'll be sure to save that date :). can't wait! and also hope you have an amazing time in all the other cities! sounds so exciting! :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  10. Hello Lola!

    That's amazing that one of the co-founders of Wikifashion has a blog!
    Wikifashion is an amazing site!
    I actually had some changes I wanted to make to my page, and I e-mailed the lady that contacted me in the beginning, I believe her name is Maddy.
    Anyway, that's pretty amazing how you're going on this trip! I live in the sf bay area and hopefully I will be able to come as well! I'll be re-visiting your page soon :)

    xx natalie

  11. Oh! hahah hi Maddy! :)
    and sounds good!
    Thank you so much!

  12. Ooh woops omg i've always thought your name was Lola! haha, from the blog name. but anyways, sorry girl, I meant Maddy as well! yay invite Natalie too to the blogger meet-up ;). can't wait! :)

  13. loving your blog!
    keep the inspiration flowing, and i'll keep coming back!


  14. youre visiting all the places id love to visit one day. lucky you! have fun!

  15. Hello there! Thanks for finding me, and thanks for the half marathon love!! I would LOOOOVVEEE to come to the SF meetup, count me in doll! Fingers crossed it's not on Tues or Thurs since I have night class ;( wahhh

    xo Carlina

  16. I'd love to go - pity I don't live in America!

  17. That'll be so much fun! I love Portland, you must go to Powell's Books--it's an old used bookstore in the heart of downtown! And SF is amazing. Why no southern cities? Take care!

  18. We are going to southern states, I just wasn't sure which route we were going :) We're driving with two others so we need to compromise!

  19. I think the Vancouver meet-up could possibly to changed to a local restaurant (instead of a chain restaurant).
    Raw Canvas - situated in Yaletown, very cool atmosphere, you can pay for canvases and they supply the paint! Also a lounge & cafe

    Cascade Room - nice urban feel, exposed brick walls, reasonable food at reasonable price

    Let me know what you think!

  20. Raw Canvas link

  21. Thanks Rosa :) At this stage we won't be having a Vancouver meetup as we are lacking numbers/need to leave earlier on our trip. Sorry!

  22. Such a breathtaking photo!
    I hope you have fun on your trip, you must be so anxious :D

  23. That picture is amazing, and your trip sounds like so much fun, super jealous!

  24. So wish I could join, but I'm too far away. Boo!

    Have fun, safe travels.


  25. Oh! I wish the NYC meet up were a week later, and I'd be able to come!!

    Love Wikifashion :)

  26. aaah this is the cutest idea! Are you still coming to Vancouver? If I'm in town I'd love to make it!



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