Friday, May 20, 2011

SS Bacon Bits.

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During our five weeks in the USA we drove around in a rather large, 25 foot to be exact! RV. I wasn't very fond of it to begin with. We had no hot water during the Rockies and the smoke alarm gave me an electric shock after it fell off the roof.

But after the first week or so and the boys figuring out what was wrong with the hot water, I grew quite fond of our RV. We quickly named him SS Bacon bits. Why? Because people in the US seemed to be bacon crazy. Every spinach salad had bacon in it, the cocktails had bacon, even the toothpaste. I took photographic evidence to prove this...can anyone explain the bacon obsession in the US? I'm still a little confused.


  1. It tastes good? I don;t even like the way the Americans cook their bacon, though - totally overcooked!

  2. Maybe, if they like it burnt to a complete crisp...eek!

  3. BACON TOOTHPASTE? I'm so confused...


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  5. I love bacon BUT bacon toothpaste is just not right! Your holiday pics are making me want to hop on a plane to the US!!


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