Sunday, June 05, 2011

Kerbside rat..

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Excuse the drowned rat appearance, I can assure you I attempted to 'do' my hair before I went out. Though it tends to resume its default bird nest look after about three drinks or so. I believe the look on my face is a result of my boyfriend informing me of the name of my drink- escort. Sacrebleu!

If you squint really hard, you'll be able to see the dark yellow polish from my previous post. I've decided I do like it. Although it reminds me of McDonalds and everytime I glance at my hands I get a hankering for french fries.

Just in case you're wondering where this photo was taken, it's from Kerbside Bar on Saturday night. If you're in Brisbane you must go. They furnished the bar with seats/couches that they picked up from the footpath. It doesn't sound too appealing, but trust me it's really fun. They even have a swing chair..


  1. Chanel has released a yellow polish, apparently it's selling like hot cakes - you're a style maker lady!!

  2. OOh I have seen the Chanel polish!
    Who's your polish by? I love OPI the It Color...

    Thank you sooo much for fixing my wiki article. i couldn't figure it out for the life of me!!

  3. THANKS lola! my page is already perfect ♥! I have my badge of wikifashion on my blog!
    Lovely photo by the way!!
    kisses :D

  4. love the polish & the post :) ♡, Rosa T.

  5. Hi! You posted a comment on my blog telling me that I was in an Australian TV show. (, I can't see the video (it won't play it in France) Can you help me more, like explain what's going on, what i'm doing here, or maybe make a screen shot? That'd be a great help! And thanks for telling me!
    This is my email : hope you'll get back to me with more details, because not being able to watch the video is so frustrating!




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