Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sorry if my last post was obnoxious..

So I was beginning to think that my blog was broken. But I think that my last post may have come across as too boastful. Sorry if that was the case, I was simply proud that I'd been published in the NYTimes (and I have no co-workers to share things with).

I think from now on I might not talk about those kinds of things. I've realised this week that I care about it a lot more than anyone else does.

So this weekend I made a pie, here are the results. The crust was revolting and I'm considering binning it or scooping out the custard and eating it straight from the dish. What to do...

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  1. I don't think your post was obnoxious. You should never apologize for an accomplishment. I think it's exciting that you were published. If you can't sing your own praises, who will? Be happy. You are allowed to gloat!! Congrats!! And I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. you should be proud of you and everything you accomplish, no-one will love us more than we can love ourselves, so be proud x

  3. I feel like the worst person ever, because I literally only just read your previous post, and OMFG well done you! How amazing to be published at all, let alone in the NYT! Congratulations gorgeous, I'm so sorry I didn't comment when you actually posted xx

  4. Oh I sooo should have commented!!! I feel so bad!

    I read your post and thought to myself how amazingly well you're doing.I had every intention to come back and comment (when my boss wasn't around hehe) but it just didn't happen.
    Congratulations hun! Do not apologies for your hard earned recognition. The NYT is beyond amazing! Well done!

    PS How cool are you to be one step ahead of Vogue Italia!!

    PPS I hope you ate straight from the dish!

  5. Love you darling and your previous post was definitely not too boastful! It was self-affirming! Coral xx

  6. You should definitely be posting those sorts of successes - NYT is freakin' amazing and you should be so proud of yourself and shouting it from the rooftops! Keep up the good work babe! xx

  7. There was absolutely nothing boastful about your post! You're sharing your accomplishment and that's totally cool :) Well done on your mention in NYT!

  8. Not true! I think a lot of people are very interested to know the kinds of things that go on behind the scenes in the fashion industry - good and bad - and putting it out there in a public forum is the only way to help the 'little guys' not to be swallowed up!

    Oh, and even if your pie was revolting, it kinda looks really really good!

    x Catherine

  9. Hi Lola! Thanks for the comment! I got the badge :) The pie looks so yum!! Am following you now!

  10. Randomly stumbled on your blog and was curious to see what was so obnoxious about your last post. Ummmm girl, that is so un-obnoxious its not funny! You should be so proud of getting published in the NYT- That is a huge achievement that earns you major bragging rights. Go you!

    Jassie x

  11. this looks so yummy!and yes i would like to be part of your blog tag program, thanks for asking :)
    Love, Laura

  12. hi, and thanks!! I didn't understand that mutch!! :) what can i do to fix my profile?


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