Saturday, August 11, 2012

Behind the scenes of our first video

Last month on my birthday, we woke up bright and early on a Sunday none the less and shot our first video for Popbasic. I'm practically wriggling out of my seat to launch the site and show everyone what we've been up to. The next best thing is showing you a few snaps from the day.

 This is in prep for our first scene, our lovely model Kellie is wearing our first basic- the polka dot blouse and carrying a gorgeous bunch of daisies in my SXSW2012 tote.

 Our super talented set director, who made the everything come to life and look so so awesome!

 Here's the bedroom during the setup stage. Fun fact- this is actually my very dear friend's house. She is slightly perturbed by colour, so I was really happy that I was allowed to take over her gorgeous white apartment. Thank you lovely Coral x
 Here's our very talented videographer working his magic for our "pop" scene.
 Setting up for a mini party. There I am in the forefront with the "please brush me" hair and leather jacket.
Arranging everything in the tote bag for the first scene. There I am again in the bright green scarf and purple dress. I don't shy away from colour do I? 

Jump on over to Popbasic, as we're giving newbies a $10 monthly discount on your first year.

Oh and if you don't know what it is: Popbasic is a fashion subscription service that sends out 1 basic (every wardrobe needs) + 2 fun trend items + a few little lucky items each month for US$55. Oh yeah there's also free shipping to Aus + US customers.

We don't think online shopping is fun enough, so we're making it our mission to make your letter box pop.


  1. Awesome pics, glad to have a sneak-peak. Now, popbasic is truly intriguing.

  2. nice pics,i like it!
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  3. This looks SO awesome!! Very exciting :)
    My yahoo mail address is
    Have been thinking of you guys and the engagement ring saga, I really hope it works out for you xx


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