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Techno Vogue: Conde Nast to launch magazines for iPad

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When the iPad was announced a short while ago, my interest in the device was certainly piqued. I had already convinced myself that I not only wanted this device but I needed it. Isn't it funny that before it came along I had no use or desire for a portable screen in which to read material from?

Maybe I just love Apple products, or the one and a half hour key note sucked me in and kindly spat me out? Either way I am giddy with excitement for the release of Apple's newest toy. Although being the sensible consumer that I am, you will not see me camped outside the Apple store to be one of the first to purchase the iPad. Even though those who do, have been promised a free "gift".

You might ask why someone who is *relatively technologically inept would want another electronic device? This brings me to my other insatiable love, magazines. I adore them, the first Monday of every month is denoted as "Magazine day" in my household. I love the glossy pages, fashion editorials and feature articles. When Conde Nast announced that they were developing versions of their magazines for iPad, I turned into kid in a candy store.

Can you imagine receiving all of your subscriptions every month on your iPad? You can forgo the unreliable postie and that knot in your back from carrying your stash out of Borders, nestle your iPad on your lap and literally flip through hundreds of pages, without so much as reaching over the coffee table for your next hit. That is unless of course you want another Tim Tam.

Up until yesterday, the majority of magazines to announce an iPad version have been relatively male orientated: GQ, Esquire and Wired. However, Conde Nast have announced that Glamour, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker have been added to the line up. Under Cindi Leive, Glamour has become a digital success story, with their blog driven approach, the magazine has seen a surge in traffic over the past year. This combined with their substantial, youthful print and online audience, Glamour has the potential to attract a large number of iPad users.

The only qualm that I have about this form of publication, is that it is creating an element of intangibility. I love the scent magazines have from the sample perfumes and the feeling of glossy paper between my fingertips. Will this factor in your decision to read magazines this way? Or will the convenience of the iPad triumph? I believe that there will always be a place for traditional media although online media can certainly provide added value to consumers as a whole. All in all it is an exciting time for the publishing industry.

* I say relatively because I live with a super computer genius. Obviously I run a website, blog and love social media, so I'm not completely befuddled by my computer.


  1. I have a Kindle that I read almost all of my books on now (I do, however, still buy the hardcovers of all of my favourite authors).

    I wasn't too interested in a colour screen e-reader, because really it would only have suited me for magazines. However, like you, I enjoy too much the feel and experience of a magazine. I love to dog-ear pages containing items I'm coveting and save issues to go over again in later months/years. I think that tradition would be lost on an iPad.

    So I probably won't get one. I'll be getting a MacBook Pro when they release the new ones (whenever that may be). My Kindle is so thin and light and fits into even my smaller handbags, so it's perfect for me as far as a reader goes.

    My fiance, however, will definitely buy one. He doesn't need one, but he'll find a use for it - and that's as good a reason as any if you ask me!!!

  2. i still love the traditional way of reading the magazine...just like you said...i like to feel the glossy pages!

  3. that's a very great idea, but i'm with most of the people here, i prefer reading magazines the traditional way. i learn things better that way :)
    thanks for sharing Lola!

  4. I'm with you on loving the smell and the touch of the glossy paper... especially for the (advertising driven) women's magazines I think I'll be sticking to the good old magazines! x

  5. wow sounds cool, but it reminds me of the movie that tell about future world that paper would be expensive, I more love paper better than ipad, I will be collection loads of old magazines


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  7. this is exciting!!!!

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  9. great info thanks for sharing xoxoxox

  10. Your pictures are gorgeous. Do you take them yourself? :)

  11. Oh wow this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I personally haven't bought into the iPad hype. I think I have enough little gadgets to play with as it is! And as far as the magazines go, I'm also old-fashioned. I like them, especially the heavy ones for spring and fall fashions. I can't explain it. I just forward to it every month.

  13. definitely an exciting time for the publishing industry. and if it can get the magazines more readers, then even better.

    but i will never choose a digital copy over a print copy any day, no matter what.

    maybe if they worked together? like previews of issues online or something? who knows!

  14. I think it's a great idea! Like you I pretty much decided to get one as soon as I heard about them, but I have a feeling I'm going to miss the ritual of stopping by the magazine shop and turning pages with a cup of tea

  15. i don't know why, but i just don't 'get' the ipad! i think i am the typical pc-only nerd. it is definitely strange to read of conde nast's choice. i wonder how long they'll be able to hold out. ~joelle

  16. Hi hon, I tagged you with the Sportsgirl badge. Check out my blog for details x Sushi

  17. Oh wow, I am so clueless with tecnology I don't even know what this ipad guy probably does though! :)
    I can work my crackberry, itouch, send emails and have a basic blog but that is it, ha!

    From what you write, the convenience of having all your mags in one portable unit would be very cool, but like you I enjoy the tactile aspects of mags, like turning pages etc. I'd rather have the real thing than a simulation. I could *maybe* read a mag this way, but NEVER a book!
    I'd feel as though I was debasing it :)

    Ok,I'm off to ask my guy about this new gadget so I'm not completely out of touch!

    Have a great weekend lovely <3 xxx

  18. I'd rather real magazines than virtual.

    I love looking over beautiful editorials again and again and would get bored of them if I couldn't touch the pages!

    TEE&FAME x

  19. i really love ur blog - keep up the good work

  20. I really like paper magazines, but wonder how the future will be!

  21. I love reading paper magazines as well (as I love reading books too), but they will live together, won't they?

    I love your blog.

    xx from Madrid!

  22. beautiful whimsical picture. and great to see conde naste going with the technologicas advances!

  23. i never cease to be amazed by how technology changes! what's interesting is that even though i still get my magazines in the mail, i actually never end of reading them because i see so many of the images online. very subtly i'm going the technology route, which surprises me!
    xoxo alison

  24. I do prefer being able to rip pages out of the magazines but the ipad does look fun :)

  25. i seriously didn't really care about the ipad until i read this post! fantastic, - buy me one too.. will ya?

    loving your blog!

  26. i think it will be interesting if more magazines change to a digital format.
    i have to say im not in favour.
    i prefer magazines the way they are.
    i love that magazine time is a break away from the computer.
    i love that i can read a magazine during take off and landing and i dont have to switch it off until we are a cruising level.

    i dont think i will buy an ipad either.
    i have a macbook air and its pretty small as it is and i dont like touch screen keyboards.

  27. I was first excited when the ipad came out, but now I don't if I would want it that much

  28. I've "needed" an iPad at least 6 times since the initial Apple unveiling. I didn't need it before then, mind you, just since. Damn that Steve!

    I think its popularity among my fellow magazine fiends (many of whom commented here--WHOO!) depends on the nature of the publication. Image-heavy fashion glossies? Yeah, I like to fondle the ads & feel the weight of the issue in my hands. Text-heavy industry/business mags? Give me an iPad.

    Digital does have a distinct advantage in one area, though: searchability. Searching through stacks of paper mags is hell. Doing an online search for Kate-Moss-in-white-Versace-for-W will win every time. That's the key.


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