Monday, March 01, 2010

The Wishing Jar

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Welcome back to the Wishing Jar. How did your week's pan out? Did you work towards your bite-size goals? Here's how it works: Pop into the jar a few small wishes for the week. Nothing too big, something small that is achievable in seven days. Here's mine:

  • Make time for having fun. This weekend I adventured out to the city for the first time in months, read magazines at Borders, found a new tea shop and an Italian restaurant and walked through my city's new tunnel. I had so much fun not doing any work.
  • Finish the Oscar's page on Wikifashion...I'm attempting to create fashion galleries for as many years as I can find pictures for. Wish me luck, or better yet do you have any photos of the Oscars? Feel free to upload them on Wikifashion.
  • Schedule featured articles on Wikifashion for everyone who has used one of our badges.
  • Send out thank you gifts to the two lovely bloggers who tweeted for Wikifashion during New York Fashion Week.
your turn.....


  1. This is such a good idea! I'm going to try it right away!

  2. My wish for this week is to be more positive!

  3. this weeks wish is for the sunny weather we've been blessed with today to last.

  4. I love your wishes! I think my wish for this week will be to start early with my study for uni - it's better to get into good habits early on :)

    Happy Monday!


  5. I like your blog, it's stirring and very nice :)
    See you!

  6. For this week, I want to be more optimistic :-)

  7. Wishing jars! What a great idea! :D

    I have to restrain my need to go and excavate a lonely jar of glazed cherries for this crafty task!

    WISH: For it not to rain at my pal's wedding!

  8. these are cute!
    as always, thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the lovely comments


  9. I like your blog, its very nice.

    kiss from spain

  10. love your wishes! esp the oscar part! i can't wait for the awards too <3

  11. Your blog is really interesting and inspiring:)
    Great job dear, best wishes!


  12. Good idea! I'm going to try it!

  13. Love the Wishing Jar idea. My wish is to finish looking over all the Milan collections, move a bit more/spend less time on the couch, and to make time to do a fun baking project.

  14. Wow. Indeed a great idea. I will try it :)
    Great blog.

    Stace x

  15. I'm trying to add the WikiFashion button to my blog, but uncertain how to do this. Can you help? I use blogspot as well.

    Great site!! I like the Wishing Jar idea - cute!


  16. What a great idea to start a wish jar. I basically do the same with little lists, but a jar would make things so much more fun!

  17. i love your blog
    it's so cheesy!


  18. thnaks for the inspiration today. i needed this.

  19. i've added you to my blogroll, would you be interested in adding me?
    xoxo alison

  20. I absolutely LOVE this idea! (: amazing.


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