Monday, January 18, 2010

The Wishing Jar

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Sometimes it's easy to forget your dreams. To give up and not really try. I think the most effective thing with me, is to look at my goals and wishes in smaller terms. You wouldn't eat an entire cupcake in one mouthful would you? No, you would eat bite size pieces ♥

That's how I like to look at my wishes, in bite-size! So I thought it would be nice to start a wishing jar each week. Every Monday you can pop your bite size wish for the week in the jar. I promise, thinking positively at the start of the week and having something to work towards is really uplifting. Some ideas for the jar:

♥ I wish that I can learn html this week.
♥ I wish to learn how to sew a button.
♥ I wish to learn how to blow dry my hair.
♥ I wish to finish the first chapter of my novel.

Your turn.....


  1. Great wishes!

  2. Love those wishes!

    I wish I could find a job!

  3. What a lovely idea! ^__^
    I like breaking up big goals into smaller ones too (the big ones intimidate me, and smaller ones seem easier to accomplish, I think).
    This week...
    - I wish to do really well in my job interview on Thursday!

    P.S. Thanks for entering my little giveaway & tweeting about it too! Good luck. <3

  4. Thanks Penelope! Good luck for your interview :)

    Good luck Krysten :)

  5. is a fantastic resource for html tutorials.

    good luck!

  6. thanks :) no one else has any wishes for this week?

  7. "i wish i can accomplish some things from my long to do list :-)" ...come visit CiTiEs of B today...i have a little something for the monday motivation :-)
    like ur blog!!! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  8. What a wonderful idea, I could do with some hope and focus right now, I might actually make a wishing jar.

  9. Inspired:) Changes are about to happen in my life, and I like this idea.
    - I wish it won't be so hard finding the right job to apply to this week.


  10. i love that pic and it is a great way of thinking x

  11. Love this idea :D So great. I wish I could make my lifestyle all things creative.


  12. I wish I could find a job that I truely love.

  13. There seems to be a lot of girls wanting to find a job that they really like! And being more creative. Maybe I can do I post about that?

  14. I wish to see the first chapter of your novel as soon as U finish it.




  15. That might be a while Z! But I will do that :)

  16. Great idea for a post, we have one in common

    * I also wish to start writing my novel this week ;)

    Plus -

    *I wish to make two more pieces of Jewellery
    *I wish to be more Positive
    *I wish that my hair would grow!

  17. I saw that in your new video Stefanie! That's fantastic :)

  18. That's a lovely idea to break things down like that. And a beautiful photograph too!

  19. Thanks Retro Chick! I find it so much easier to approach things this way :)

  20. this is a beautiful idea... might steal this.

    thanks for sharing!!

  21. What a great, motivating idea!!! You have inspired us to try, thank you! Here's to you having an amzing, goal accomplishing 2010!


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