Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fendi Bicycle

Thanks to the Joelle from Hello,Lovely I now need this very pretty, yet overpriced bike. Even if I did own this beauty, I'm not sure I could even bring myself to use it. I would probably be like a crazy neighbour I once had, who polished his red convertible every night and never actually drove it! Maybe I should stick to my first love?


  1. Oh my, that is utterly gorgeous. Notwithstanding the fact that the last time I rode a bike, I almost crashed into oncoming traffic (in Paris, no less - and before that, I hadn't ridden since I was about eight years old!) I am very enamoured with Pashley bikes:

  2. jeje cool! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  3. aw, this is such great bike!
    i want it! ^^

  4. this bike is fab!pure luxury!wow

  5. Haidi, I'm the same, last time I rode I crashed into gravel and still have the scar on my hand. At least crashing in Paris is still glamourous by default :) Thanks for the link to pashley bikes, I wrote a post about them here.Here

    I want it too Dominika!

    Sabrina, I think it might be a little too luxurious for a bike? :)

  6. wowsers!!! how's the saddle bags?! hehe

    I reckon customise a cheaper one + make it your own :)


  7. oh my oh my oh my.
    I was just talking to my fiancee about how much I need a new bike. I want this one so much it hurts! love the suitcasey thing at the front instead of a basket!

    great blog you have here, and you are behind Wikifashion? Awesome!


  8. It is gorgeous! Perhaps I'll have to customise one. What brand is yours Nikki?

    Stompface- thanks, yes I'm one of the founders :)


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