Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bright Star…

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One of the things that I am most interested in is entrepreneurship. I love reading about young people who have thought of a marketable idea, focused it and executed their product.

I’m not sure what it is about business, but I find it absolutely fascinating. After having spent five years at university studying economics, I now view everything from a different perspective. Even if it’s just going to a new restaurant, I think about little nuances that can be changed to instantly enhance the idea or business.

One of my favorite websites is smart company, although not my usual online haunt, it does have a lot of inspiring interviews with young entrepreneurs. It usually provides a lot of detail about how the person’s idea or business came about, what mistakes they’ve made and new products they are introducing. It’s really good to see how entrepreneurs think and go about their business.

Having spent a fair amount of time with people who run their own companies and researching others, there are few key things that successful ventures have in common:

  • They focus by doing something that they truly enjoy and are passionate about. If you don’t like you service or product, how could you possibly sell it to others?
  • Successful ventures were not built on the basis of making a lot of moolah. If that is your goal, perhaps you might like to grow a money tree. Following on with my first point, money will often follow your passion and dedication.
  • There are no mistakes, only lessons- Often when starting something on your own, there will be a few mistakes. Each might feel like a quake, but really it could be a tremor if you allow yourself to take something positive from the situation. When you are starting out, you can’t possibly know everything. Mistakes will happen, it’s just how you handle them that matters.
  • Talent is fantastic, but drive is also important- All the talent and skill in the world won’t help you write a business plan at 8 pm after a long day at work. It can’t make you work the extra five hours a day it might take you to build something of substance. Talent and skill can be honed, but if you’re lazy and lack drive, your talent won’t count for much.

Please note: These are not from my experiences they are merely things I have learnt from others along the way. I don’t pretend to follow these religiously, however they are things that I like to remember when focusing on my own projects.

Are there any budding moguls out there? What lessons can you impart on the group?


  1. i am so not into the whole corporate thing but it must be amazing to have the drive and ambition that successful business people have

  2. Very inspiration piece and I love that image! :)

  3. number one is definitely true.

  4. I actually would love to read this because business does fascinate me and I work for a smaller company. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I'm really into this sort of thing too. I love reading the BRW young rich list to see how young people have made a name for themselves.
    it's very inspiring.
    maybe one day i will be there. HA. i think im too old now.

    My partner and I own our own business and i think my biggest advice ...
    it would be :
    When you have those really shit moments where you think " is this all worth it??" Keep visualising how good things will be once it all works out.
    No one got anywhere without loads of sacrifice.
    Sacrifice and Persistence.
    And having a creative outlet.
    I love being able to blog and its something so different to what we do.
    I can just switch off and not have to worry about grammar or spelling or whatever and just think about something silly and frivolous for a bit.

  6. cotton you are not too old! The BRW young rich list is for people under 40!

  7. just curious could you tell me what field you are in cotton? If you don't feel comfortable that's ok :)

  8. Thank for sharing this, will definitely check it out x Sushi

  9. I think entreperneurship is a very interestig concept, it's truly amazing when young people work at something they're passionate about and make it into a business!
    Looking forward to reading more!

  10. Those points are all so true for success in anything. Thanks for posting!

  11. I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur, even when I was young. I think it is the only type of work I'll be happy with and I can't wait to achieve it. Great post.

  12. thanks girls :) what kind of business do you want to crete PGHC?

  13. Hey there
    Your blog is very pretty - I do like the picture above this blog post.
    I found you through Vogue - I am sqoggle.
    I will visit again.

  14. Hi Carly, thank you :) I've added you to my blogroll :)


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