Saturday, January 16, 2010

Drink Me...

When I was sixteen, I lived in Japan for a few months with an exchange family. While I was there my host mother would ply me with green tea whenever I asked for water. To this day almost ten years later, I drink at least two cups of green tea everyday. I left Japan with very fond memories of my family and a rather hefty caffeine addiction.

I firmly believe that there is no case of the blues that a good cup of tea can't fix. I'm not fussy, I'll drink any tea, whether its sencha, genmaicha or lady grey. My tea obsession has ebbs and flows, a few years ago I loved chamomile, rose green tea, then white tea, now I have an affection for a frothy soy chai latte.

One of the main problems that I have with tea, is finding a nice selection of quality flavours in pre packed bags. Loose leaves, are lovely when you have the time to prepare them, however it would be nice to throw a few bags of my favourite variety into my purse for my travels.

Never having been a girl to settle, I calmly thought about the situation, and have decided to make my own. I will be testing and perfecting my own concoction of chai, rose green tea and a night time brew. Hopefully this will be something I will finish within the next fortnight or so. I would love for any tea makers to suggest your favourite tea recipes? Pop yours in the box below ♥


  1. i love tea! though i haven't been so adventurous in flavoured tea, i usually settle for a plain ol' milk tea with sugar. even when i get bubble tea i always stick with coconut milk tea with pearls :)
    but making your own tea is an intriguing idea! do let us know how it goes

    x amie

  2. I haven't tried bubble tea yet, maybe that's something I should venture into? I will let everyone know how it goes :)

  3. i love this post. i like coffee first thing on a morning & then tea for th rest of the day. i'm currently really into laduree's marie & antoinette & rose tea - have you tried them?

  4. I would love love to try laduree tea, that sounds divine :)

  5. Im yet fine a tea I love but the idea of having tea is something wonderful. Sitting down with someone and sharing a pot of tea makes all your worries disappear <3

  6. Definitely! You summed it up really well :)

  7. Thanks for the add, I've added your blog too :)
    I didn't know you lived in Japan! If you're ever in Tokyo, Lupicia is a great place to get tea--they have more kinds than you could ever imagine!
    I agree, I always have a cup of tea after dinner. Today was muscat tea :)

  8. I'm a bit of a tea addict as well. My favorites lately have been jasmine green and white peony. Chai is also a classic!

  9. Oh I love tea, my current favourite is earl grey with vanilla, utterly divine.

  10. hi, i just stumbled upon your blog.
    you're a lucky gal to live in japan.
    i've never been there but i know it's a beautiful place.
    will love to visit that place someday.

  11. i love tea as well. but lately, i've been an espresso addict. sigh...

  12. love the image and I should def drink more tea instead of coffee!!! :)

  13. You should visit mom & son, it's gorgeous :)

    Jasmine green and white peony sounds divine francy!

    I've never been much of a black tea drinker daisy, but earl grey and vanilla could sway me!

    Kiyo I actually visited Tokyo back in 2008, didn't get a chance to go to Lupicia though!

    Cait, I've never tried espresso. Is it nice?

    Thanks coco :)

  14. I adore tea! I've found mixing different teas has resulted in interesting combinations, some delightful, some not so much. My favourites are floral teas, especially rose or lavender, by themselves or mixed with black tea, and in winter I find ginger tea very warming.

    I love your blog, its so pretty.

  15. Thanks Ni-Nac :) I'm thinking of doing a white tea with rose.


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