Monday, January 25, 2010

The Wishing Jar

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Welcome back to the Wishing Jar. How did your week's pan out? Did you work towards your bite-size goals? I learnt a few new html tricks and wrote a skeleton for my first chapter. If you didn't join in last week, here's how it works: Pop into the jar a few small wishes for the week. Nothing too big, something small that is achievable in seven days. Here's mine:
  • Make my own flavoured green tea
  • Smile more when making my videos
  • Learn how to take nice photos of myself
  • Buy the new Lush Strawberry massage bar
  • Finish reading "Outliers" and "Dead Until Dark".


  1. I tr√úly wish I had more time in the day and kNight to get all the new stuff done...

    Any htoughts on this?



  2. I wish to drink more water & less diet soda. Healthy wishes! ♥

  3. iZ I think one of the most important things with that is organisation :) If I make a succinct list of things I want to get done the night before and prioritise them, then I usually get done everything I need to!

    Thanks walk the sand :)

    Sounds like fantastic wishes Joanne :) Try putting freshly squeezed lemon in your water, might help the transition and it tastes really nice.

  4. haha, this is so cute! i lvoe the glitter jar;)

    xx raez

  5. oooh this is a lovely idea. I'm interested by the making your own green tea thing. I'd love to know how. If you succeed, maybe you could do a how-to post? *wishes*

    Other than that, I wish to find a new book to read, start some new illustrations, and go to a group fitness class at the gym on my own (scary).

    And I got those patent flats at DFO (airport). From one of those massive shoe stores. Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks Soph! I will definitely do a how to post if I figure it out :)

  7. Hi Lola!
    This is a fantastic idea. I might actually track down my own jar and make one of these. Much cuter than sticking a to-do list on the fridge ;)
    This week I want to:
    - Play Wii Fit 3x
    - Finish my current book
    - Makeover my blog :)
    These should be easily done!

  8. i find this post really inspiring. perhaps i should do this kind of posts in my next entries too :)

    my wishes are:
    - read more books
    - take proper sleep
    - eat more vegetables
    - more display-worthy pictures in my blog
    - do better in college tasks

    wish me luck :)
    i really like the picture too.

  9. The jar would be so cute! I'm actually going to do a wishing jar video soon with everyone's wishes for the fortnight :) Wii fit would be so much fun, I need to get one!

    Vinda I know what you mean about sleep, definitely need more!!

  10. You have created the most perfect idea:)
    - Smile and be grateful
    - Finish my photo collage + inspiration wall
    -Catch up on lost sleep


  11. thanks Tink :)

    I've just created a wishing jar video that I will post tomorrow :)

  12. Hi Lola. Yes, of course, that would be fine! And thank you. :)

    Andrea xx

  13. the wish jar is such a cute idea. i wonder if i can make one for my partner.
    for eg
    " i wish you could clean our storage cupboard"
    " i wish you would fix the curtains"

    etc does it work like that? no ? hahahah
    i might just do it anyway hehehehhe he can pick one each day! that would make me really happy!

  14. hahah cotton! It should work like that :)

    mine would be:

    "I wish you would stop buying electronics, our house is not a computer storage place"
    "please stop using 7 towels a week" :)

  15. That is such a clever idea, I need to start doing the same thing! xx

  16. Such a great idea. I am going to start doing this. I LOVE to tick things off when they are done.

  17. This is a fantastic little project. Have you learnt how to make your own green tea yet? I'd love to see how that goes.

  18. Loving this idea! My wishes for the week are to keep up the morning swims and finish reading Sense and Sensibility. x

  19. cool, cool idea! your blog is actually full of such wonderful inspirations! following you it's rigt now a must!

  20. Morning swims sound divine Cate :)

    Thanks Roxana :)

  21. Great idea! You should definately post about making your own green tea!

  22. That Strawberry Lush bar looks gooooorgeous - I'm still going on my gingerbread one from Xmas :)

    Great wishes, you'll get used to smiling in front of the camera it feels silly at first but eventually you'll become comfortable with it :)

    My wishes for this week -

    * To finish my novel first plan
    * To finish my second draft of my business plan
    * To go walking with my boyfriend at least twice

  23. Business plan! That sounds exciting Stef :)

  24. just discovered your blog and that's a really good idea!! I might try it!


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