Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I think I've finally turned into a fully fledged geek. It happened a few weeks ago when I explained to my super coder boyfriend about this new app I had found called instagram. I spent around two hours on it, pouring through the gorgeous images.

Basically it's photo fairy dust for the creative klutz, like me. See I tend to just put whatever I'm photographing into the middle of the frame, point, click and fail. But instagram is pure genius. Just select your inferior photo and add a filter and you're Henri Cartier-Bresson. I've included a few of my snaps below..

très jolie Deli...


  1. I am also addicted to Instagram... oh my! <3

  2. ah cool! its sorta like the toycamera program :) very pretty!

  3. yay another instagram lover, how amazing is it? :)

  4. Not related but it was a good idea to put the wikifashion sign up on your board, I might do it. Thanks for telling me about being featured on Wikifashion, I was so so so happy when I saw it and thanks for the birthday wishes

  5. thanks a lot for fixing my wikipage side because i dind't know how to do it... so thank you!!!!!!!!! an I'll have a look at those badges :D


  6. Lola! Thanks for your hilarious comment. It seriously made me laugh hahaha <3 I don't do anything really which is funny! Well I do play sport a lot... but I don't go to the gym or anything :P
    Anyways, this instagram business looks interesting. I may have to investigate! These photos are gorgeous <3

    francesca ( xx

  7. Love those images above, and do you mean your turning into a geek fashion wise or a techgeek?

  8. Jadore the Pup!
    come to the haus.

  9. :) love find Instagram. Just came across your blog. I'm using Instagram now. X Ari

  10. I've been hearing about this instagram all around the place! I want in! It looks so amazingly good. Loves it.

    Thanks for your adorably lovely message too little lady!! xx

  11. What's your user name on Instagram, so others could find you. Mine is sanfrancisco

    Looking forward to seeing your photos on IG


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