Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is this not the best photo ever?

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Thank you to the very lovely Sonia over at The Riotous Belle for taking these very awesome snaps. Sonia organises the Blogger Yard Sale in Indonesia and I offered to send a few of our wiki postcards I had lying around. Completely blown away that people loved them that much.

So weird to see that other people (who aren't my friends or Grandparents) know what Wikifashion is. Feels awesome!


  1. Ah this is super cute!

  2. eep! So cool :) I bet it does feel awesome.
    Heidi xo

  3. Happy holidays! And thanks so much for letting me know about my page on Wikifashion - it's so exciting! :)


  4. This is so cute. Wikifashion is rad, of course other people are bound to know about it! x

  5. Wow that is so cute! Glad Wikifashion is reaching people far and wide!

  6. sooo cool!!! and we all love wikifashion!! :D

  7. sweet :))


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