Monday, January 03, 2011

Weekend Wandering...

I just came across Sretsis' latest collection entitled weekend wanderers and I started to think about my favourite things to do on the weekend. Mostly I like to laze around for hours working on Wikifashion until I can't take it anymore. Then I take my puppy down to the park and laugh at her while she roams around. Usually I'll then spend a few more hours devouring tastespotting trying to decide what to make for dinner...

What are your weekend habits? For the entire lookbook skip on over...


  1. That look book is gorgeous, I love the prints. Unfortunately I usually work weekends BUT on days off we love to sleep in, eat good food and play with the puppy. Simple pleasures with lots of love.

  2. Wow, I love the print! It's gorgeous and so so different! On weekends I usually chill with a few movies, a few friends and a few ... treats. :)

  3. wow thankyou! you're such a sweetheart :)
    loving your blog, keep in touch!


  4. I freakin love Sretsis!

    I wish I had a puppy to take for walks, but we just don't have enough room at our house.

    thanks for the tastespotting tip, I'm always on the look out for good recipe sites.


  5. This is lovely! The prints are amazing.

  6. The only habit I can think of is turning the TV onto Rage in the mornings (even if it's just as background noise haha)

    That Sretsis image is wonderful. Will definitely have to check out the rest!

  7. i agree with everyone. the print is out of this world.

  8. It is an amazing print! Love the collection, really would like the pony though :)

  9. love that photo, cool tourist looking collection! on the weekends, i usually party a lot, just to break free from school a bit, and then i like so spend my sunday waking up late and keeping up with blogs in my bed ! xx

  10. sretsis always has the most gorgeous, girly things! that printed blazer is so beautiful :)

    ps you're gonna come back speaking like an american!!

  11. I'm in love with mostly every piece from the new Sretsis collection. Can imagine so much fitting seamlessly with my wardrobe, if only it were a bit cheaper...

    Are you going to get anything?

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