Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another sneak peek....

By now I'm sure you're sick of hearing about Wikifashion. But I'm just so excited that it's finally about to happen. We have a few bits and pieces to work on and I've secured two awesome girls from California to make videos for us. Can't wait to introduce them.. I'm not going to put a time on the relaunch, but suffice to say that if it's not up by Valentine's day I will never make one of these posts again. Promise.


  1. Exciting stuff!! Can't wait to see the makeover!!!

  2. this all sounds so exciting! am looking forward to the relaunch! (and it's ok, I quite enjoy all your wikifashion posts ^-^)

  3. Hurrah! Seconded, I love your posts on WF too, so don't feel like you should stop!

  4. I love the Wiki redesign. It's clean and beautiful. Excited for the redlaunch. I made a Wiki page for my blog today. Wikifashion is great! I am a graphic designer and if you ever need anything I would love to collaborate on any future projects.


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