Sunday, July 03, 2011

Vodka & Caviar and Finn's 1st birthday..

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My gorgeous little nephew had his 1st birthday party today. It was blue and orange themed, my sister went to so much effort, even the cake was blue and orange sponge with white icing. I think he appreciated it, although he had tanked it by the time we cut the cake...

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My favourite nail polish for the moment ~ a bright glossy red. It's Vodka & Caviar from OPI.

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I made cake pops for Finn's birthday. I'd spent an hour threading straws through one another, as I couldn't find lolly pop sticks first the icing was a bit tricky, but I think I got the hang of it. They gave the adults a major sugar high though!

My boyfriend went straight to bed after the party, I think he was so exhausted from being around ten babies..

How were your weekends?


  1. deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!

    Love the cake pop, such a cool idea!

    There is nothing better on earth than a glossy, glossy red nail polish.

  2. we had cake pops at my prom this year and ive been addicted since! these look soo good too!

    ♡, Rosa T.

  3. Owww :) Lurve the red nailpolish & those cake pops are fabulous :)

  4. i got to meet my new 5 month old nephew for the first time when i was in ny. he's just adorable! haha but little ones will definitely tire you out :P
    re: norwegian wood, i haven't watched the movie either but i think that it really is a difficult book to translate to film - i've heard that the movie is just a retelling but the mood isn't there. as a coming of age kind of story i really enjoyed it even though it was quite sad!
    you're so lucky to be heading to sf later in the year, did you visit there on your us tour? definitely hit up tartine cafe/bakery!


  5. what a great spread for the party!!

    also - i need to try out these cake pops!!

  6. great pictures:)
    I love cake pops!

    and thank for making my page i was pretty confused


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