Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Laduree New York + I'm still jet lagged...

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It's 2:30 am in New York and of course I've woken from my sleep, this jet lag will be the death of me. I'm contemplating watching Home and Away (not homesick just really bored). Yesterday was probably the most exciting/fun/incredible day of my entire life. I can't believe I flew into New York for the first time, maneuvered my way through the city alone, met so many cool people who are doing even cooler things and decided that I need to come back here on a more permanent basis. This place is just way too good not to fall in love with it.

On my way to a meeting I stopped off at the newly opened Laduree, I was there when it opened at 9am and already the line was out the door. Strangely enough it was my boyfriend who asked if I could drop by, he loves macarons. For a guy that is otherwise very manly with his tastes, I can't help but laugh at this picture when I think of him begging me to buy some for him.


  1. I die!!!
    So jelly of you right now, make sure you do regular posts.


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  3. I will be awake when you blog!!!!

    I've got night duty tonight and I've been awake since 9am haahahaa... chances are I won't be in bed again till 8am tomorrow morning... sigh...


  4. Jet lag is no fun but if there's one place to be jet lagged it might as well be the city that never sleeps, right? That Laduree window display is quite inviting. I wonder what the chances are of a store opening up in Brisbane... hahaha in my dreams only!

    Enjoy NY :)

  5. love it <3
    pass to my blog and follow!!! :)


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