Monday, June 04, 2012

Something new we've been working on...

I attended a Crafternoon yesterday and attempted nail art. I think I need to up my craft game though, it just didn't cut it next to my friend who whipped up a wall feature and started on another pair of Charlotte Olympia-style cat shoes. Coral you're a crafty genius.

These are samples for a new concept our team at Wikifashion is working on. I'm so excited because I think it's something Australia girls will love in particular. Although we are shipping worldwide.

Here's me, sneaking off with the samples. Don't you just love the yellow and polka dots together?

So many samples...which one is your favourite?

So we haven't launched yet, but word from our IT team is that it will be up very shortly....

It's made me so happy working on something that I really really enjoy and want myself.

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Or our pinterest account for sneak peeks.


  1. I got that pink/silver/blue necklace from an Etsy seller!
    It would be so great if you guys could do something with that stuff, the jewellery is gorgeous.


  2. Great necklaces...i love them :D

    Hope you'll visit me :)

  3. Woo yay excited and looking forward to hear more about the new venture! Good luck and keep blogging about it!

  4. This is really genius! Love the necklace and your cute nail polish. Got my eye on your style now.

  5. These are soooo awesome, I am so excited for these! Nails look fab xx

  6. I love all the necklaces.. and as for the swatches, my fave is the navy with peach polka dot :)

  7. Love the DIY nail art. I've been really lazy with looking after my nails lately - need to get onto it! x Sushi

  8. I love the nail art and those awesome necklaces!!

  9. love so much the yellow necklace :)
    Have a good day beautiful,
    kiss from Brazil.

  10. loving this jewelry and all the fabric. perfect pictures!
    xo TJ


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