Sunday, April 29, 2012

Portable Presents Susie Bubble Brisbane

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On Friday I was lucky enough to attend the Portable Presents Susie Bubble event at The Edge, Brisbane. It was so lovely to hear from a fashion blogging veteran. She has been slogging away at Style Bubble for six years. I have been lurking on her site for around four years, about six months or so before I started Wikifashion.

It's so motivating to hear about someone who is so humble and just does her trade day in and day out. After being mesmerised by her limoncello coloured skirt, what I gained from her presentation is that if you get out there and engage with your community- offline and on, you will eventually get where you'd like to go.

Focus, work hard and know what you want to say. It's that simple really.

And the girl really does love her bubbles, she managed to work the word in at every opportunity.

If you have the chance, definitely attend the Sydney or Melbourne event.

Thanks again to the team at Portable for bringing such an amazing person out to Brisbane and congratulations on the launch of Svbscription.


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  2. Susie Bubble is so well-spoken as well as humorous...not to mention, unique. Love her!

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