Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chictopia 10 Social Influence Summit

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Many of you would have heard of Chictopia, it is a fantastic community for the fashion industry and bloggers alike. On February 13th they are holding a summit which will involve a mixture of technologically savvy brands, upcoming designers and the cream of the crop fashion bloggers. In all, three hundred bloggers will be attending the event in New York. Topics covered include, blogging and the future, who is the next Rodarte? and why we value individual style?

Unfortunately living in Australia has restricted me from attending. However, being resourceful I thought just because I can't physically attend, why not attend online? In short the lovely Phyllis from "For a Delicate Few" will be attending on behalf of Wikifashion. During the event she will be our guest tweeter, take photos and conduct little interviews. I am beyond excited to see what she comes up with.

Once I started to wander down the yellow brick road, I thought New York Fashion Week starts the day after the summit. Why not attend that too? Unfortunately I did not receive invitations, but why not find someone who did? This lead to the very gorgeous Keiko of Keiko Lynn offering to be Wikifashion's guest tweeter during numerous shows, a Mod Cloth party and the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference. I'm sure my head will be spinning trying to keep up with the flood of tweets, photos and information I receive from these two super bloggers in the following week. So if I am a little absent, you know why!

If you want to take a peak into any of these events, why don't you follow Wikifashion?

note: I have been working hard on your V-day gift and hopefully I will finish it tonight.


  1. ooh i entered the contest to win tickets to the chictopia 10 summit but unfortunately wasn't chosen :P that's so lovely of keiko to guest tweet for wikifashion! i think i've followed her and her postlapsaria shop for years from when she was still on livejournal, so excited to see her news on NYFW!

  2. i'm glad you mentioned wikifashion! since i'm in nyc, i get to attend a few events, but don't have time for nearly enough. i'm glad such fabulous bloggers will be covering the events for us! ~joelle

  3. love that room!



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