Monday, February 08, 2010

The Wishing Jar

My wishes for the week are:

To finish updating the Oscar's Wikifashion page.
To find someone to tweet from New York Fashion Week for Wikifashion.
To get things done on time and not forget about them.

What are yours?


  1. x - read 2 books for uni classes
    x - organise my room/wardrobe
    x - exercise everyday :-)

  2. This week I *wish* to...
    - Write one journal entry every day for my uni assignment
    - Keep up with my uni readings for each day of the intensive course I'm doing
    - Check email/blogs/forums ONCE a day and spend the rest of my time being more productive!

  3. mine aren't as ambitious! :P haha

    - finally watch "my own private idaho"
    - start writing reviews as practise for uni/folio
    - reorganise wardrobe yet again!


  4. My wishes for this week are:

    - Do something loving for myself every day
    - Buy some 'Gingerbread' tea
    - Finishing sewing my green floral dress

    Good luck with your wishes everyone! xx


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