Monday, February 15, 2010

The Wishing Jar

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Mine are:
  • To keep up with my running/walking everyday.
  • Find someone to tweet from London Fashion Week for Wikifashion....anyone interested?
  • Start reading the books we chose for Book Club.
Pop in your weekly wishes .......


  1. what a lovely pictures!
    Very nice! I don't really know what mine would be.

  2. I love the idea of having weekly wishes! most people spend time on a wish only at the beginning of every year... everyone has so much to improve on, so much to wish for, weekly is perfect

    the picture is lovely too.

    i think i need to embrace weather more,
    instead of wishing for another reason,
    i should just love the one i'm in

    hope to hear from you :) !!

  3. i need to drink more water this week. =)
    simple but always difficult for me.

  4. Thank you for your comment!!! KISSES FROM SPAIN

  5. Gina I have been putting lemon in my water, it's really refreshing and I find myself drinking more.

    You're welcome Bubu.

    Thanks Miss Woody!

    Thanks Amy :)

  6. 1. I wish for G and I to get the unit we put an application in for!

    2. I wish that I can sort out what part-time work I'll be doing for the next few months

    3. I wish that I can make the time to meditate when I feel stressed out.

    4. I with that everyone else's wishes come true!


  7. I just love this picture. it makes me feel like a kid again...playing "faerie" in the back yard :D

  8. I hope you get the unit too Coral :)

  9. Too cute: the picture makes me want to start a wishing jar of my own!

  10. My weekly wishes (even though it's tuesday):
    1. to make sure I drink at least 2 litres of water a day
    2. To organise my study in preparation of going back to uni.
    2 is enough I think!

  11. My first two wishes just came true so hopefully this is a lucky sign that everyone else's wishes will also come true, given that was my 4th wish! Such a good idea Miss Lola :) xx

  12. Beautiful picture!


  13. this is a very cute picture, and such a good idea. my wish is for a safe and relatively uncomplicated flight from from NYC. :)

    thanks for the comment, carey mulligan is too cute!



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