Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We reached 50,000 edits....

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Well technically Wikifashion has reached around 49,000 edits. But I wanted to say thank you beforehand to make sure that our giveaway coincided with when we reached the 50,000 mark.

To show how much we really adore our contributors we've decided to give a little something to one of our facebook fans... chanel signature earrings no less!

My heart breaks a little about not being able to keep these, but I know they will be going to a good home. To enter just pop on over to our facebook page.

PS. Sorry if you're completely sick of me talking about Wikifashion. When the redesign comes along we'll be incorporating a forum and blog, for me to talk about wiki in a more appropriate space... can't wait!


  1. congrats!!! so so proud of you!! making it happen!! :)


  2. Woohoo! Do you know how I can make more edits? I'm tech stupid and after I added one sentence to mine, I didn't see how I could go back and add more!


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