Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bag Lady

Although I love pretty things, I'm the type of person who only has one bag that they use consistently for years and then one day just decides to get a new one, usually when the old one is on its last legs. I'd like to think of myself as a bag monogamist.

Since July 2007 my day bag has been a tan Mimco button bag. Think what you will about the ubiquitous bag, it holds a lot of junk. It has a sizeable main section, a phone pocket, large side pocket, two compartments at the front of the bag behind the buttons andit can also expand a little on each side with the twist of a clasp. You would think that the number of compartments would lend to more organisation on my part, but it doesn't really. I just tend to stuff more junk into it, often losing things only for them to inexplicably return one day to the inside pocket of my bag. Next year I hope I can acquire for myself a slightly smaller bag and have some semblance of organisation about it. I dream of being this type of bag lady.....


photo: Leese Looks


  1. Love all that stuff! Specially the ray bans and the purse! ;))

  2. I'm the opposite. I change bags all the time. Which is quite good when it comes to clutter, because I'm always transferring things between bags, so I just always keep the basics with me. That said, I'm actually on the hunt for 'that' everyday bag that will stay with me through thick and thin.

  3. I love the ray bans, they are gorgeous :)

    I wish I had the funds to change bags all the time, plus I'm quite flippant with my clothing, so it's good that I'm a frugal with one thing in my wardrobe :)

  4. i really love your rayban sunglasses.
    i want to buy the same pair :))
    kisses <3


  5. oh my i carry those ray bans, a marc jacobs heart mirror and a moleskine in my bag everywhere too! twins lol


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