Friday, December 18, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds


Lately I have taken to playing Starcraft with my boyfriend, I don't know how exactly this happened, in the past I downright refused to play. I think it was somewhere between starting my own website and knowing the password for our secret torrent site off by heart. He assures me that it is a national sport in Korea and it's really not that geeky. Perhaps he's right and I should just let the nerd flow? Speaking of nerdy I need new glasses and I was thinking of purchasing either of these two pairs with my magical money. I can't decide.


  1. I love the left ones, I want such glasses for a long time. mine look so bad!

  2. Thanks for your opinion, those are my favourites too :)

  3. Go for the nerd glasses, I love them so much.

    Your blog is great, I realized you were Aussie when I saw Frankie & Shop <3 Not only that but your a brissy girl too. ^^

  4. I love nerd glasses :)

  5. I love those glasses! I am also obsessed with tortoise print glasses ;)

  6. Rissa, I love love your blog. The latest post on the future of mags was great :)

    Thanks for the comments re the glasses, now I'm torn over which ones to get!

  7. Both pairs of glasses are sweet. I currently have a pair of nerd glasses (read: thick black frames) but I'm thinking of going nerdier (rounder, like the second image, rather than my current rectangular ones).



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