Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey Frankie

When I started Wikifashion, it began as a lovely little hobby to distract myself from the endless nights of studying and days locked in lecture halls. Never did I stop to think that others would embrace my project like their own. I think this embrace by the fashion community has been fantastic, as that is how wikis thrive, by constant nurturing and collective input.

We were fortunate enough to have featured in this month's Frankie magazine, a gorgeous collection of quirky fashion, interesting reads and pretty photography. When I was told about our mention in the magazine, or rather a little birdy tweeted me, I literally squealed and ran hysterically to the newsagency. Don't you just love the feeling of your dreams coming true?


  1. You started wikifashion? Woah.
    Oh I love Frankie - I've only just discovered it.
    I had to subscribe because my town is so rural we don't even stock it.
    It is bliss.

  2. Frankie is gorgeous! It's like an escape for me :)


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