Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Interview with Poppy King


I'm so happy to share this with you, I think that Poppy is truly one of the most creative and inspiring people that I have ever come across. Hopefully this will be the first of many interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs! Enjoy.

What was the very first thing you did to carry out your idea when you began Poppy?

The first thing I did was look up “lipstick factories” in the Yellow Pages and as there was no listing for that I found instead “Cosmetic Manufacturers” and starting ringing the numbers to see which manufacturer made lipstick.

Your packaging has always been very unique, where do you get you inspiration for it?
Mainly from art movements, films and books as well as popular culture. I just love taking things from one context and placing them in another.

I remember when I was little running into David Jones and picking out pretty matte lipsticks with my Mum, back then matte wasn’t really in vogue. How did you market the different formulation to your customers?
By emphasizing the long lasting nature of matte lipstick and that my colors were so reminiscent of the 1940’s deep reds and browns. I knew that women would like these as an alternative to all the glittery pinky colors that existed.

What was your biggest challege as a young woman, starting a business?
Learning the financial language involved. It is a very male dominated language.

What would you tell other women who are conflicted about starting a business?
The same thing I would tell them about conflicted feelings regarding is better to have tried than not tried. The most soul destroying thing in life is not to try. Once you make the decision just to try everything becomes clearer from there.

Finally, what is the fail proof way of applying the perfect red lip?
Apply lipstick straight from the tube, blot to set and then apply another second coat and voila!

You can also read about my review of her book here.

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