Monday, December 28, 2009

Love Letters....and presents


I was very fortunate to receive a couple of very lovely gifts from my boyfriend this Christmas. My favourite is a book, Love Letters of Great Men by John C. Kirkland. This is the same book that Carrie read in the Sex and the City movie when she is in bed with Big. It is such a fascinating read, exploring the relationships between history figures and their loves. The letters are also accompanied with a summary about the fate of the couples.

I also received a movie that I have been trying to find for around ten years, Love Letter, directed by Shunji Iwai. Can you see a theme here? It is a really beautiful Japanese movie about a young woman who loses her husband suddenly and then spontaneously decides to write a letter to him only to receive a reply by a young woman by the same name.


  1. Wow...I wouldn't mind getting one (the book). Hope you had a great X'mas!

  2. The book sounds great!

    Reminds me of 'Bright Star', which I'm sure you've heard of it you are interested in things of this manner;)

  3. I'm pretty sure that one of the love stories in the book is from John Keates to Fanny Brawne.

    Thanks :)


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